Caroline Colegate


Newbury Photography Club were pleased to welcome Caroline Colegate to judge our Group 1 Print and PDI competitions.  As always, Carolines comments were very constructive and well received.


Caroline‚Äôs interest in photography started when she was handed an old SLR camera during a physics lesson at school!  She achieved her ARPS in Contemporary Photography in 2011 and enjoys all genres of photography.  Her own personal choice of subject matter is anything to which she has a strong emotional attachment or one that has an enduring expressive quality.

She is passionate about the quality of images and plays an active role in coaching people to achieve both RPS & PAGB distinctions.  In 2002 she became a judge for the Southern Counties Photographic Federation and in 2017 she was accepted onto the PAGB list. Caroline is currently a member of the SCPF Judging Sub Committee and is involved with the vetting and assessing of applications from potential new judges. 

She was elected President of Bracknell Camera Club in 2008, a post she held until June this year and was their Programme Secretary for seventeen years.