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The Club shall be called "The Newbury Photography Club".

Aims and Objectives

To form a meeting place where members can be stimulated and encouraged in the art of photography to produce images to portray the world around us, which can give pleasure to themselves and others.

How to achieve this

Firstly by holding formal weekly meetings between September and June, where the Club will present lectures and presentations by professional and highly experienced amateur photographers.

Secondly to hold competitions and workshops.

In addition, opportunities will be provided for members to exhibit their work within the local community and other photographic clubs. Also to hold informal meetings during the summer months for members to exchange information and knowledge.


Membership shall be open to all. Classes of membership shall be:

• Full Member (includes individual and joint members)
• Junior Member (up to 18th birthday)
• Honorary Life Member.

Honorary Life Membership may be granted to any person, who in the opinion of the Committee has rendered outstanding service to the Club, and duly voted for, by at least 75% of the membership at an AGM.

All paid-up full members and honorary members shall have one vote at general meetings.

Potential members may visit the club up to three times where upon they can join the Club at the designated subscription.


A Committee consisting of not less than six members shall manage Club affairs all having been duly nominated with a Proposer and Seconder and submitted no later than 7 days before the AGM.

Members of the Committee to include:

Programme Secretary 
Internal Competition Secretary
External Competition Secretary
Up to three Committee members with defined duties

The quorum for the Committee shall be four.

Committee meetings shall be convened by the Chairman or, exceptionally, by three members of the Committee.

In the absence of the Chairman, a Deputy will be appointed to run the specific meeting.

At least 8 Committee meetings shall be held each year.

In the event of equal votes being cast, the Chair shall have a casting vote in addition to a normal vote.

If a member leaves the committee, they can be replaced at an EGM - proposed and seconded.

During the year the Committee may co-opt members to the Committee for specific purpose and duration. Co opted Members would not be entitled to a vote.

Sub-Committees may be formed by resolution of the Committee to run specific Club functions and activities.

Annual General Meeting (AGM)

The AGM shall be held at the end of the season, or not more than 15 months
after the last AGM.

The quorum for the AGM (and EGM) shall be 20% of the membership.

All motions to be seconded.

A member who is unable to attend will be allowed a proxy vote. This intention must be conveyed in writing to the secretary prior to the start of the meeting.

The committee shall submit reports for the previous year.

The Treasurer shall provide an audited statement of accounts.

Members of the Committee shall be elected at the AGM, and each member shall not serve in the same capacity for more than three consecutive years. However, if there is no challenger for a particular post then the outgoing member can serve up to a further three years if duly elected.

Subscriptions and funds

The Annual Subscription shall be recommended by the committee and agreed at the Annual General Meeting.

A financial Reserve should be held to maintain the Club's continuity for a minimum period of one year in the event of fluctuations in membership numbers and subscription income.

Extraordinary General Meeting (EGM)

An EGM may be called by the Committee or by not less than 5 members of the Club. The Committee shall fix a date, which is not later than three months from the date of receiving a valid request. All members are to be informed in writing within 28 days of any such request and must at the same time be provided with a copy of the motion(s) to be proposed. No other business may be transacted in the EGM.

Voting Procedures for AGM and EGM

All members are entitled to vote at meetings and shall have equal voting rights.

A motion shall be carried by a simple majority of those present and voting, except when the motion is a Constitutional amendment, which shall require two-thirds majority of those present.

In the event of equal votes being cast, the Chair shall have a casting vote in addition to a normal vote.

Review of the Constitution

This Constitution should be reviewed a minimum of once every two years.

Any amendments to the Constitution can only be agreed at the Club's AGM or an EGM.

Proposed additions to, or alterations of the Constitution shall be submitted in writing to the Secretary not less than 2 weeks before the date of the AGM. All suggested amendments should be signed and seconded. No motion involving an amendment to the Constitution may be proposed from the floor of a meeting.

In the event of a proposal for amending the Constitution being submitted, the
Secretary shall inform the membership of the proposed motion prior to the AGM.

All matters arising that are not provided for by the Constitution will be dealt with by the Committee, whose decision shall be final.

Dissolution of the Club

The decision to wind up the club may only be taken when the funds of the Club are insufficient for the Club to run properly, and this decision can only be taken at an EGM or AGM. In the absence of a quorum at such a meeting, a motion signed by 10 members or 10% of the membership, whichever is the greater, shall constitute the same decision.

After discharging all debts and liabilities of the Newbury Photography Club, the remaining assets are to be given or transferred to a voluntary organisation having similar objectives to those of the Club.



Annual membership subscriptions are agreed at the club's AGM each June and subscription renewals are due for payment to the treasurer any time after the AGM up to the first meeting of the new season in September. Membership of the camera club also includes membership of Shaw Social Club, our meetings venue.

Prospective new members both beginners and experienced photographers, are always welcome to come along and see what the club is all about. After up to three initial visits prospective members are invited to join the club.

For new members, although the club has to pay a "joining fee" to Shaw Social Club in additional to an annual subscription, the club absorbs that extra cost so new members enjoy the same annual subscriptions as existing members.

Current Subscription Rates

Member   £ 65.00
 Joint members (two members living at the same address)  £110.00
 Junior member (under 18)  £ 35.00

About Us

The inaugural meeting of Newbury Camera Club was held at 7pm on Thursday 01 February 1945 at the Tudor Cafe in Newbury (103 Northbrook Street). The cafe remained the home of the club for half a century until it moved to The Conservative Club and then to its current home at The Shaw Social Club. In 2019 it was renamed Newbury Photography Club

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